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Brand New Musical Album

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Please click to read the Press Release about my new album Singing Universe.


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Please click to read the Press Release about my new album Singing Universe.


My new Album, Singing Universe
Singing Universe

is are now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google play, Emusic, 247, Deezer, Simfy, Rdio, Slacker, JBhi-fi and medianet.


I just received the Leonardo da Vinci Prize, the ceremony will take place in

Florence in the Borghese Palace on the 29th of January 2016.

leonardo da vince price photo
leonardo da vince the palace

oscar nr 1
oscar nr2

I am very very honored to let you now that I will receive an OSCAR IN ART to October in MONTE CARLO BAY IN MONACO
here is the letter:

Dear Artist,
The Commission’s criticism of ArtExpo Gallery, for years included in the Art, in collaboration with BIANCOSCURO of Pavia, is pleased to inform you that his artistic creativity was rewarded with the award
Oscar-winning Art 2015
Original gold plated statue – limited editions
The Prize is awarded for its creative capacity and permanence established in Art. The Commission International Critical ArtExpo Gallery will present at the delivery of the Prize.
The Oscar winner, appointment Biennale of Art, now in its eighth year, is due recognition for his professionalism, research and creativity. The inaugural ceremony was in February 2001 and at the table of premia- tion were: Giorgio Falossi, Francesco Chetta, Gerard Argelier and I personally
Mariarosaria Belgiovine, Artistic Director and Manager of ArtExpo Gallery. Today after 14 years many things have changed, but the passion that distinguishes us is unchanged.
The award ceremony will take place in October 2015 in the salon Sincerity of the prestigious Monte-Carlo Bay,
Speakers at the ceremony the members of the Commission, composed of: Jean Charles Spina (President of the Com- mission and Art Director GS Communication – Nice), Michel Verdant (Director Galleries Victoria – Cannes), Mariarosaria Belgiovine (Critic and Director ArtExpo Gallery), Vincenzo
label (Director Biancoscuro Art Magazine), Daniela Malabaila (Caporedat- tor Biancoscuro Art Magazine), Oxana Albot (Critics and collaborator Biancoscuro Art Magazine), Elena Cicchetti (President Art in the World), Francesco Chetta (Publisher Effeci Art Collecting), Massimo Basile (Art
Director – Lugano), Maurizio Gnali (Gnali Art Gallery – Brescia); Eraldo Vinciguerra (Historian); Giampaolo Curti (Estimator Art).
The ceremony will be publicized through the partnership with the magazine Art BIANCOSCURO (www.biancoscuro. It), which operates in Italy and abroad. In addition, on our website and Facebook page will be posted photos
the prestigious

Presentation International Prize Michelangelo

2 Presentation International Prize Michelangelo

I am very honored to let you now that i just received the:
The opening of the 2015 Jubilee, the prestigious rooms of “Palazzo Cardinal In conjunction with the opening of the 2015 Jubilee, the prestigious rooms of “Palazzo Cardinal Cesi” in Rome, will host the award ceremony of the International event ‘’MICHELANGELO INTERNATIONAL PRIZE – Artist at the Jubilee’’.

It is an exclusive prize representing the Moses sculpture, one of the most important works by Michelangelo Buonarroti.
he prize will also have a historic value, in fact in 2015 occurs the anniversary of its creation by the famous
sculptor, and it will be given to a restricted number of artists. In the November/December number of the magazine Effetto Arte, we will realize an introductive piece about Rome Jubilee and the several masterpieces of the city; following to the piece the publication of the selected
artists’ artworks. Personalities from the world of culture will take part in it.



Karen currently has an exhibit at Biennale Milano. Visit and support her extraordinary talent in the arts.
Click here for access to the website!


I have an exhibit in the Muse’s du Louvre in Paris with this photo on the “The Exposure Award” the “Still Life Collection” in July.

The book Still Life Collection was made for this exhibition please see the link:

The books are now available to the public for $78.00USD with net proceeds from
the sales of the books benefiting our charity partner Pencils of Promise.
So far we have raised more than half the funds needed to build a
complete school in Ghana! This will change the lives of hundreds of school


The multifaceted artist Karen Salicath Jamali manages to surprise in all its forms of expression in the arts, from sculpture to painting, thanks to the mature and expert competence in the arts and the full acquisition of instrumental techniques of processing. Looking at the colors of his pictorial creations, we feel caught and conquered by the gradual and progressive expand and spread of chromatic material, dense and intense, that pervades the surface and creates abstract compositions of matrix-informal, the versatile originality. The fragments of matter reveal a reflection of metamorphosis and a dynamic flow of movement in constant flux and offer the eye visual suggestions of great scenic effect. The painting Salicath declines as a complex and multifaceted universe of multifarious combinations, dipped in a light charge of vital energy. For her, the painting becomes as pure and pristine sound, to taste like water in a stream or to be admired as a boundless sky. Representations evoke the elements and components inherent in his soul poetic and passionate. The painting becomes for her a vision, which allows her to express themselves freely, a haven of liberty full and fulfilling.

Works in combination form-color-material becomes the “genesis” of inspiration, to stimulate the sensory perceptions of the viewer. Perceive and want a meditative and reflective, it becomes a condition of absolute priority. The varied composition allows samples then plunging into a more articulated.The imaginative pictorial art of Salicath quotation suggests the poetic verses of the Portuguese maestro Al Berto: “The sun teaches the only way, they are not yet parties and already forgot everything, walk wrapped in one cavity of gold phosphorescent bodies are diluted in delicate skin of the stones, the rivers speak of this return and margins resonate steps, the well where we are made protrude neighbors, essence and thirst seek the faces of water. ” As these courtly lyrical verses, the painting Salicath gives new interpretations of existence, to make us dream and fantasize, beyond time and memory.

invitasion Locandina_SPOLETO_ARTE-2015_con_Amanda_Lear

Karen has an exhibit at SPOLETO ARTE at PALAZZO LETI SANSI.


My new Album, Angel Light

Angel Light

To all of you from my heart, here is a little piece from my third CD that will be released the 7/7 on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify and more. Love to hear your thoughts.
https://soundcloud.com/ salicath-2/ sacramento-by-salicath



I am very honored to share that I have received an awarded with the prestigious

Marco Polo International Prize.

The awarding ceremony will take place in Venice on September 25
in the distinguished rooms of “Palazzo Marin’’ (Marin Palace) in Venice.
The “Marco Polo – Art Ambassador Interna-tional Prize” is a desired prize that every year is given to the

most important personalities of the world of art and culture.


Carrousel du Louvre in Paris

Again this year I am glad to invite you to the opening,

where I will be in stand B23 and B24 with EA EFFETTO ARTE from 12th-14th of June, 2015

You are invited to Venice Biennale where Karen will participate in the
56 International art exhibition – LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA in the Grenada pavilion.


Project Art 2015. Karen Salicath Jamali

by Alessandro Costanza

Published by Mondadori Retail S.p.A.

A volume dedicated to true lovers of art , where you will appreciate not only the critical reviews and analyzes carried out on the works , but also take a broad view of the current art scene . Contemporary artists who have already made ​​history , and they have definitely left an indelible trace for originality , craftsmanship , innovation absolute leading eye care critic and scholar – the reader , in a beautiful world , consisting primarily shapes and colors , perspectives and key concepts , passion and reason are intertwined to create the only true , the only means of power , to investigate and look at the art world . The art that marks the history , art that moves , art that conveys the art that exceeds the dimensions of space and time and takes the viewer into unknown boundaries , those of the heart . Reviews and critical analyzes of Dr. Alessandro Costanza , critic and art historian .

In Italiano.

Un volume dedicato ai veri appassionati di arte, dove si potranno apprezzare non solo le recensioni critiche e analisi effettuate sulle opere, ma anche avere una visione ampia della scena artistica attuale. Artisti contemporanei che hanno già fatto la storia, e che hanno lasciato una traccia sicuramente indelebile per originalità, artigianalità, innovazione assoluta che conduce l’occhio attenzione del critico e studioso – il lettore, in un mondo bello, costituite principalmente forme e colori, prospettive e concetti chiave, passione e razionalità si intrecciano per creare l’unica vera, l’unico mezzo di corrente, di indagare e guardare al mondo dell’arte. L’arte che segna la storia, l’arte che emoziona, arte che trasmette l’arte che supera dimensioni dello spazio e del tempo e prende lo spettatore in confini sconosciuti, quelli del cuore. Recensioni e analisi critiche del Dr. Alessandro Costanza, critico e storico dell’arte.


Consulate General of Denmark in

New York Announces

Karen Jamali: Event Horizon – 7 Tones From Heaven
The painter and sculptor, Karen Salicath Jamali, will debut new paintings and music in an exhibition entitled Event Horizon – 7 Tones From Heaven, opening on Thursday, December 4th, 6:00-8:30 pm at the new showroom of Faust Harrison Pianos in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Karen Salicath Jamali is an American, Danish-born artist living and working in New York City. Jamali graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art, School of Design in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1991, and has been working as a painter, sculptor and photographer for the past 25 years. She has participated in over 100 solo and group exhibitions throughout the world, including the Louvre Museum in Paris, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Monreale, Italy, and the Kume Museum in Tokyo.

December 4 through February 1
Opening reception: December 4, 6:00-8:30 pm

Faust Harrison Pianos Showroom
322 Black Rock Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06825

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I just received the “RAFFAELLO SANZIO 2014 AWARD” ! and the “NELSON MANDELA 2014 AWARD’ !
For the Raffaello sanzio 2014 award: “For your professional and intellectual activity, with which has contributed to the development and flourishing of European culture in the world” For your personal theory, anthropological an linguistic research, as applied to the new concept of contemporary art, which has enabled you to overcome the conditionings academic and social, identifying so, new compositional models and, at the same time alternative, which enhance your creativity.” and for the Nelson Mandela 2014 award: “AMBASSADOR OF CULTURE IN THE WORLD FOR HUMAN RIGHTS FOR THE INTELLECTUAL AND ARTISTIC ACTIVITIES CARRIED OUT IN THE LAST YEAR”.

Raffaello Sanzio 2014 Award
Nelson Mandela 2014 Award

Who’s Who Art Club International Exhibition 2012
Exhibition in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico 2012
Solo exhibition Kume museum Tokyo, January 2010
SOFA exp, Chicargo, USA, 2009

Karen Salicath Jamali | Jamali NYC Gallery | 212.966.3335 | art@karen-salicath.com